Welcome to Lancaster County Online Permitting Portal

NOTICE: Lancaster County is currently is in the process of implementing the Evolve Permit System that will enable contractors to apply and pay for permits online. Online payment is scheduled to be available November 1st. If you have previously had an account with Blueprince you will need to create a new account, click "New Account" at the top right corner of the page. Please do not create duplicate accounts, if you are unsure if you have an account start with your email and then reset password.

SC Building Code Council has set the effective date for the 2018 SC building code implementation as January 1, 2020. All projects submitted for permit by the close of business Tuesday, December 31, will only be accepted under SC’s 2015 building code edition. All projects submitted for permit on or after Wednesday, January 1, will only be accepted under SC’s 2018 building code edition. access menu items, click the buttons on the left corner. Lancaster County has also approved such implementation into Ordinance already, ahead of January 1, 2020

Use the "Apply for Permit" option to submit for residential permits (examples below): Permits are all-inclusive; sub-contractor permits are not issued – sub-contractors are noted on permits.
* Electric, HVAC, Gas and Plumbing Permits (MPEG)
* Residential Permits: House, detached garages/workshops/barns
* Inground /above ground swimming pools
* Additions to existing house, decks
* Commercial Building Plans
* Interior Upfit or Renovation Plans
* Multi-family or Apartment Plans
* Sign permits
* Fire Alarm Plan Review, Fire Sprinkler Plan Review and Alternate Fire suppression Plan Review. (Plan Review Fee due at the time of submittal).

Use the "Project Portal" option to submit for residential plans, commercial plans and larger plans that require plan review including:
* Civil/Site Construction Plans
* Single family Subdivision Plans – Preliminary Plats, Final Plats, Construction Drawings
* Zoning Board of Appeals – Variances and Administrative Appeals
* Rezoning Applications
* Text Amendments
* Zoning Verification Requests
* Sketch plans

Use the menu options on the left to access permit and planning information. Here you can view permit details, schedule and cancel inspections.